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Girl With Human hair, Brazillian Hair Chopped out of Taxi in Cameroon…

The new thing in Cameroon now is the bad boys off roots girls expensive hair which they term Brazilian, Indian hair etc. This is now happening in Cameroon.ImageImage

A gang of thieves get into a taxi may be 2 of them of which they have learned to identify the difference between the synthetic hair and the human hair. No idea on how they get to detect a girls in a taxi  who wears this type of hair but they have their tools which they use to chop off the hair, take them along and resell them back. Well if anyone start doing something, that means they must have studied about it. Girls be careful as you get into a taxi with those your hair styles. Your heads may even be chopped off. You could cover them with scarfs or tie them with what you all commonly know.

Are the girls going to be scared about their handbag being stolen from them or their hair. This could be a big confusion for the ladies as much precaution has to be applied.

The world is not getting better.


Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair or Human Hair Stolen.

We have copied the religion of others, stolen the languages of others, stolen others gods and even more THE HAIR OF OTHERS.

What have we produced ourselves  for others to copy from us???


Fake cosmetics on Girls damages face. STOP BLEACHING.

This is what happens to girls who do not use original cosmetics on their skin or some who are forcefully trying to change their colors into something else “Only they know”


The Cameroon Ajajas are well known for changing their skin colors or rather say ‘Bleaching’ These are normally black girls who envy the light skin girls. According to them, the light skin girl gets the more attention from the eyes of men. They call their own black skin “Bad Market” Lmfao as less men notice their presence any where they are especially in what they normally call “Programs” (Outings, dates, parties etc)

This has caused a lot of transformation from our young girls of today who change from black to yellow because they want more men to approach them. It is their target to get men and exchange sex for money. So light skin is the complexion that calls the attention.

Some girls may not even have enough funds to maintain their skin and feed the body, they now turn out to buy cheap cosmetics which spoils their skin complexion and give them skin rash as you can see from the photo above. Some do not even have fine skin but yet want to cream out. When the worst comes to the worst, their faces turn out like mask-curates.

So girls please be careful with what you use on your skin. There is no reason to change your unique skin color because it is what brings out that original African beauty in you. Unless otherwise you do not take proper care of your body before men will not approach you. Men like well dressed and presentable girls with some good fragrance.(Check yourself) Some girls do not know how to do self hygiene on their body and it is not by changing your skin color which will solves the problem. To maintain your original black African color is as easy as not using cream to change your skin color to light skin. Use original cosmetic products from reputable sources and keep skin in good health.

*This message also applies for boys who practice the act of bleaching*

This is just an advice to girls.


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