Cameroon-Mboma Patrick Arrested for Fraud at the Airport.

Cameroon – Accused of fraud: Patrick Mboma arrested at the airport

The African Ballon d’or player of year 2000 was held at the International Airport of Yaoundé because he is accused by former teammate Pierre Wome for an extortion of 395. 620. 000 FCFA.

Patrick Mboma, former Indomitable Lion player, was forbidden to leave Cameroon by the Attorney General at the Court of Appeal Centre last week. His passport was withdrawn at the same time. But this injunction did not deter the 42-year-old footballer to get to the airport in Yaounde Nsimalen the night from last Wednesday to Thursday , trying to go to Paris, where he resides. Unfortunately took him: he was expelled from the lounge of the international airport of Yaoundé-Nsimalen around 23 h 45 mn by police after they showed him the note of the prosecutor.

Reached by telephone yesterday from Paris where she resides, Patricia Ndinga, one responsible for the communication of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEEAC) – Patrick Mboma as an ambassador, told us that “Indeed, he (Mboma) was not quite quiet last week, I heard all the time to talk to an attorney.”

She has also said that Patrick Mboma finally joined Paris. The former striker of the national football team is the subject of a complaint to the Secretary of State for Defence (Sed) by former teammate Pierre Wome. “It’s complicated, Patrick Mboma is in trouble because he has being trying to escape for a longtime now. He did not respond to three invitations, but I think this time is right, “we said last week, a source Sed. The same source reveals that the former player of Paris Saint-Germain was heard early last week for hours by the Attorney General. This would have offered to agree with Pierre Wome, the condition so that it can once again be allowed to leave the country.

For its part, Pierre Wome, who does not hesitate to brandish the IOU, continues to show a determination unparalleled. He had also threatened to arrest Patrick Mboma in May 2012, when the former player of Gamba Osaka (Japan) came to celebrate his jubilee in Yaoundé. This time, Mboma was able to go, despite the claims of its creditors. “Wome is desperate to get his money back; we said a source close to the two players.
Mboma had used to escape, but this time, it must meet. “According to our sources, Patrick Mboma wanted to create a micro-finance company in 2008 and had contracted debts with some of his former teammates on the national team. Pierre Wome, which we reached by phone a few days ago, we learned that in the context of this case, he had lent 604. 000 euros, or about 395. 620. 000 CFA francs to Mboma. Patrick Mboma arrived in Cameroon on 20 March in the same plane with Assou Ekotto – He came to attend an emergency meeting of Member States of the CEEAC which, he is the ambassador.


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