(USDP)Senatorial election unconfirmed result from Cameroon


Unconfirmed reports state that the SDF party has lost all 7 seats in the Noth West region. Meaning that Fru Ndi has equally lost his chances of becoming a senator. The stakes were high in Santa between Fru Ndi and Achidi Achu. Fru Ndi has finally lost and the only hope he still has is to be appointed by the head of State. Ie each region is supposed to have a total of 10 senators; 7 are expected to be voted while the remaining 3 are going to be appointed by the Head of State.
Mean time, SDF won all the 7 seats in the West region and also in the Adamawa. These results are still unconfirmed and the rest of the results are still being awaited.

But why the senatorial elections in the first place? Our country is poor and you will be surprised to hear that each senator is expected to earn a salary of 3.000.000 frs per month. Meaning that out of the 100 senators, our country is expected to spend 300.000.000 frs per month as payment to senators. …In fact this is really much money; and such monies would have been used to improve on our infrastructures, and other amenities.

Also to note is the fact that Frank Biya is a CPDM senatorial candidate heading the south region. In case he wins, what will be the consequence? Since one of the roles of the senate is to take over the country in case the president is not there ie during the transitional period and now that Frank Biya is a senator, probably Biya might want to throw in the towel and convey the baton to Frank;

What then becomes of the secrete dealings between Biya and Fru Ndi in case Frank becomes a senator?
What if Biya decides not to appoint Fru Ndi among the 30 senators that are at his discretion to appoint?
Let’s wait and see….


One response to “(USDP)Senatorial election unconfirmed result from Cameroon

    We are obviously talking at a time when our thoughts and prayers are with the people who have lost love ones as a result of the brutal treatment of the Biya regime. Our hearts are with the families of the victims.
    And now we send our support and encouragement to people who never expected that they’d need it – the handicap citizens of Cameroon who are just going through what has been, i’ m sure for all of them, a long road to recovery.
    It’s a road that the remarkable the victims of our late warriors and the regime in power know all too well. And, as a consequence, they’re going to serve for all of their families as well as all Cameroonians a continued inspiration.
    As all of you know, it started in 1990– where a lot of good ideas start. John Fru Ndi and some of his buddies, who are today not in good terms, came up with the idea of rallying Cameroonians from coast-to-coast to rise up and stand for the oppressed people.
    Now, even he Fru Ndi has been taken 419 by the Biya mafia. Along the way, he inspired people all across the country. And since then, more than one thousand young warriors have died across Cameroon. And, as always, we’ve got Army. We’ve got Navy. We’ve got Air Force. And we’ve got some Marines in the country. Their job now at this time of crisis is to take over Cameroon, hand it to the young people for GOOD GOVERNANCE.
    Together, with your outstanding expertise you represent what’s best for Cameroon at the time when we needed patriots to defend our freedom, you answered the call in 1984 you’ve risked everything for our country and for each other. And you’ve made sacrifices most of us can barely imagine.
    So thanks to your courage and your resolve, we’ve been able to crushed the 1984 coup we’re beginning to envisage another. But for you, as is true for all of our warriors, it doesn’t mean that the fight is over. In some ways, it’s just begun.
    You think about folks like CAPTAIN GUERANDI MBARA I first met him last October in Burkina Faso — he had lost his country, he knew that there was a long road ahead of him. But today, he is here, he’s ready to ride back home. He’s training harder than ever before to compete in the race to win back his fatherland as a Warrior.
    So spread the message that it’s okay to talk about these unseen warrior of war. It’s okay to seek out internal help and to seek out support from the local population. It will be better for the Cameroon army to act rather than wait for an outside force.
    If the Central African Republic can chase out a leader why not Cameroon for the sake of peace and to avoid a long war that might cause too much ham it will be preferable that it is done within than wait for an outside invasion. The Cameroon army should not count on the Generals and colonels for they are living well and fine, and see no reason for change. A two months period of grace has been given to the Cameroon army to act or be ready for an outside invasion as of date of this notice
    Head of Change

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