Few Months back some French Citizens who came as tourists were held hostages in Cameroon which was rumored to be of Boko Harram. Finally they were all released unharmed.


French hostages kidnapped in northern Cameroon were released unharmed that night, the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and CEO of GDF SUEZ, which is the employer of the father of this family, took flight this morning direction of Yaounde, and resume a flight tonight with seven family members to be in Paris early tomorrow morning.

Cameroon, there is a lot to this completely unexpected release, and all the honors course will return to President Paul Biya, too, because one way or another, he was able to wash the image of the country in which tourism was take a big hit.

Cameroon is always a safe and welcoming country, so no fear to stay, it was a very isolated and very quickly settled case.


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