Pique: “We have to keep evolving”

Pique’s Interview with the press at Ciutat Espotivo 3 months ago. Proves his goal yesterday could have happened to any defender; Shakira has no part of play with that error.


In a press conference at the Ciutat Esportiva on Monday morning just after training, Pique offered his insight on how Barcelona is doing and his thoughts about the media reaction to Mourinho. Read some excerpts after the jump.

Always offering his honest and sometimes brutal insight, Pique started the press conference by reminding the press that the squad has never felt that they are invincible. “You can never feel you are unbeatable because as soon as you get that feeling you are most likely to lose,” before adding that “we have to continue with the same strategy and on the same dynamic, that’s what will help us.”

The press then continued with two questions that have been on a lot of people’s minds: Is the team better than under Pep? Has Barça reached its peak? Pique replied that he thinks it’s intangible and very subjective. Regarding reaching the peak, he said that “we have signed Jordi Alba and other different players. We have to keep evolving, we have to keep improving, and look for new challenges. I think we’re going to start playing at a very high level again.”

Regarding Madrid’s 18 point difference and Mourinho being under fire, Pique retorted that in his opinion Mourinho never changes, only Madrid’s results have changed. Highlighting Mourinho’s past offenses, such as Tito’s eye-gouging, and contrasting it with this season’s controversies, Pique had this to say: “It makes me laugh, because I remember when Madrid were winning, and Mourinho got away with murder. He even came here and poked Tito in the eye. How many games was he banned for that? None. Now Mourinho has picked on Casillas, threatened a journalist, and people are criticising him. Mourinho has always been like this, ever since he arrived. And he got away with everything.” He also added that the bias from the sports media in both cities doesn’t help either.

As for the next match against Malaga on Wednesday, he said that Barcelona is honored to have received applause from their rival and hope they will feel the same way at the end of the Copa match.


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