About Ajaja

Cameroon Ajajas—Ajaja is a common name used by Cameroonians  to describe girls (whores) who have dedicated to earn income and live their lives by chasing wealthy married men or  guys that could provide any of their needs in exchange for sex.  They never stick to one partner thus having as many as possible means more money for them.

Some people also use the name Ajaja on guys or  men who do not stick to one girl or to his wife as  partner but rather chase other women outside with the aim of finding satisfaction to their sexual urge.

After fully analyzing the meaning of Ajaja, we have linked it with things that happen around us. A reflect of the meaning linked with our society could also mean; news that travels in search for who to listen. It doesn’t stay in one place until the information has been consumed by many ears.  Ajaja therefore; will also mean: Nasty because the act of in sex for monetary reasons is dirty and nasty. So in other words we could call our online magazine NASTY GOSSIP.

People around our society also have to be informed on current events and happenings.  We will like to know what is happening with our celebrities and the various industries where we share our passion with.

Also gossips could be sweet and they are transferred through rumors. So we are all about transferring the information to you keeping you updated on what is happening in your country and around the world.


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