Is this a joke? Chris Brown has decided its time to make amends and recognize that beating a woman is bad: April 1! Stigma and tenacious work of general interest would they have been successful?

Four years after his hand up in February 2009 on his girlfriend Rihanna then being charged the following month of aggression and threats, “Breezy”, 23, enjoys the start of the promotion of his upcoming album,
X, he wants in his career and waited to return to open the floodgates and make his mea culpa.
A few days ago, March 26, Chris Brown, to demonstrate its awareness confided to Ryan Seacrest about the worst skid of his life he had realized his mistake and was much indebted to Rihanna for forgiveness ” I did my best to show him that I was sorry and remorseful for the incident, it was the worst time of my life (…) You can lose everything! And I’m not talking about fame or glory, but of dignity, integrity. You lose somewhere … It was a learning process for me. I learned from some mistakes and I’m getting better every day (…) I can tell you was young I was arrogant, I had warm blood. “


All I can do is make happy my family, myself, Rihanna and my fans.”
Monday, April 1, is another leader in leading expert in intimate confessions, he continued to spread on “Rihanna case,” aware that this is the best way to talk to him (it, c is safe) and regain the public (that’s less safe), at least. Guest Matt Lauer on the Today Show while you could discover excellent new video for the single Fine China, including Chris Brown told the 52-week program on domestic violence which he was compelled by the court has been the effect: “I think it’s just to prove myself again, to be a man. Knowing that what I did was wrong and never do it again. far as we concerns, Rihanna and me, she knows my heart, and I know his. I do not focus on the negative, all positive for me. I took my 52 weeks of assistance and therapy I realized that c ‘was totally wrong. “
More specifically, about the famous rehabilitation program, he said: “It was therapy on domestic violence.

A program of 52 weeks. Every Monday in Virginia, I remember that I went there, I ‘m sat, and I thought “Why I did what I did?” All I wanted was actually helping me, “said he to Matt Lauer. And when the reporter asked if he could swear that it will not happen again, Chris Brown, who was sentenced to probation for five years and six months of community service after the Rihanna incident had sequelae, meets several times “absolutely.” “I advance positively. Issue I think it is for me to prove to my fans that I better – my fans were my first support. My detractors have their opinion. Whatever I do it … will never “Chris is the best.” Then I will not sacrifice my life trying to please those. Whatever I can do is make happy my family, myself, Rihanna and my fans.


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